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Integrated management system

For creation assuring the integrated management system, its up-keeping and permanent improving in DUVAS-UNI, s. r. o. is determined this policy:

• the basic company orientation is reach to became sought after business partner and supplier in the field of design, manufacturing and service mine machines and other equipment; it is necessary to create full security not only for customer but for company employee too,

• management is fully identified with the norm requirements ČSN EN ISO 9000:2001, ČSN EN ISO 14000:2005 and specifications OHSAS 18222:1999, that means with the principles of the effective implementing and continuous improving process control which influent product quality, environment and safety and protection of health at work in the company

• the creation equivalent specifications in the field of company employees education and self employees improvement

• management still creates necessary organizational, personal and financial resources for administration, development and improving quality system, environmental system and safety factor system and occupational hygiene,

• the permanent aim is continual improving our business and assurance of quality our provided products,

• important participation on quality creation of provided products, abidance the environmental system and safety and protection of health at work have our sub-supplier; that is the reason for active cooperation development at demonstrating mutual requirements of supplied products,

• management is going to do regularly integrated management system revision,

• management will determine the quality aims, aims and final rates in environment and aims in safety and protection of health at work for up-keeping and permanent improving integrated management system,

• the company staff will perform requirements of legislation and other requirements lawful in environment and safety control and safety and protection of health at work with emphasis to the preventive approach in this problem,

• we will minimize amount of waste within the frame of technical and economic possibilities,

• thanks to the tighter entry material control and tighter technological process we will prevent material waste and wastage of energy,

• the staff will participate in determination the danger, risk assessment and risk control in the company,

• management commits to permanent improving safety and protection of health at work that will run down occupational diseases , crashes and occupational hurts,

• thanks to uncompromising abidance of security rules will employees minimize creation occupational hurts and diseases.

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